Top 3 Spa Christmas Gifts That He or She Will Love

It’s that time of year again; Christmas, and for some a stressful time finding the best Christmas gifts for men and women.  We’ve helped make it simple and identified the Top 3 Spa Gifts that He or She Will Love this Christmas.

  1. Nordic Pool Passes – There is nothing better than indulging in the Hot/Cold Pool Circuit of Nordic Pools. 99% of people who’ve experienced the benefits of Nordic Pools said they would return again in the future.

Estimated Costs $55 / pass    or $555 for 10 passes

  1. Spa Gift Certificate – Loved by some, hated by others, the majority of people absolutely LOVE Gift Certificates because they have the gift of choice. They can choose their favourite Spa experience or Spa products – there’s no guessing involved and they personalize their purchase to their needs.

Gift Certificates come in any denomination $25 – $1,500

  1. Overnight Staycation for Couples – Many couples comment that travelling out of town for a weekend when they have young children or teens is impossible given they have sports, dance and other activities to commit to. An overnight Staycation at a Nordic Spa Guest Room is the perfect answer.  The couple gets to enjoy a mini 24 hour vacation away from the hustle and bustle and they are close to home to get their kids the next day to their activities.  A win-win for everyone.  The added bonus of a local staycation retreat is that it is much more affordable than the cost of travelling out of town.

Average cost for a Nordic Overnight Retreat – $269.00

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